itching piles

Anal fissure is the abnormal breakage or tear in the skin and lining tissue surrounding your anus. You can’t even reach your hand down there for a scratch and now you are wondering how do you cure an itchy anus? An itching anus is one of the symptoms for a condition commonly referred to as piles or hemorrhoids. Anal fissures are embarrassing because people with this type of disease will feel very uncomfortable because of the itchy feeling, burning sensation and pain in the rectum area. Eventually this straining will end up causing a tear in the lining of the anus.

Its a vicious circle. It also helps prevent constipation. This does not make the itching go away.

Hence, it is the fecal material which has not been cleared away that can be the source of itching to a great deal. Damaging your skin, causing a sore rash which in turn just gets more itchy. So who are affected with anal fissures? Everyone regardless of age or sex is susceptible in having anal fissures, but it often occurs to young babies, young children and people on their 50s and up! It is also most common to females than in males. If you take to much at first, this will cause painful bloating, gas, and possibly diarrhea. The doctor will give you a cream or an ointment that you will be able to apply to your anus and that should take care of the itching.

Sooth the Itching

For immediate soothing use a topical cream.

If you want to avoid getting hemorrhoids (painful) and then anal tears (very, very painful) then you need to avoid getting piles or cure you piles if you already have them. The cream is applied with your fingers and rubbed in. Sticking to these simple principles will ensure your stools are soft.

Blood in the Toilet

If you scratch your itchy hemorrhoid so much that it bleeds, you can get blood in your stool. This would ensure that you pass your stool conveniently and would not disturb your piles at the time of your bowel movement. Laxative products can also cause the bowels to become dependent upon them for normal functioning, much like an addiction. As it does so you will bleed and tjis can be seen after passing a stool in the toilet. Read about other natural hemorrhoid treatments if the ones listed above are not suited for you. Also if you have actually had hemorrhoids you can share the same experiences with them. You could even have a leaky gut where fluid from your colon seeps out.

In addition, persistent rectal bleeding can lead to infections and even a compromised immune system. That’s nice, a shared experience of itching your bottom or having painful hemorrhoids and you could make a friend for life. Go ahead scratch away but in the end you are really going to make the hemorrhoid symptoms worse. they will get more painful, more itchy and last longer.

What is the worse that can happen?

Surgery is probably the last resort for this condition. What started out as just an itchy bum and sore hemorrhoids can end up with you on an operating theater table.
There is not much more to be said but a thousand words is better than a picture in this case. Who wants to look at a picture of a hemorrhoid, not me! I think it is a private and personal thing and anyone with an ichy bum will agree with me. Suppose you keep on scratching your itchy hemorrhoids. You have just been to the toilet and it was painful. It has made the itch worse. Do not let this happen, you and only you are responsible for the health of your body. eat food that is good for you with fiber and plenty of water. Stop eating fatty foods that can cause acid to build up in your stomach. So you lose your job all from having itchy hemorrhoids!

Stop itching

Stop itching, take some medicine or use some cream. Talk to friends about the problem do not hide away as being on your own can heighten the feeling of despair and you will probably just sit their scratching. Do not spend your ife wandering around scratching your bum.

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